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Whether you’ve been separated for months or have recently arrived at the decision to move forward on your own, the dissolution of your marriage is both traumatic and freeing. Attorney Kristine A. Michael understands the stress inherent to the divorce process, but also the possibilities that a favorable resolution can bring about. You can benefit from her compassionate support and in-depth insight into the Pennsylvania legal system.

Filing For Divorce in Langhorne

Simple and straightforward, the requirements for filing for divorce in Pennsylvania resemble standards for dissolution eligibility in several states. At least one spouse must live in Pennsylvania for six months or more before filing. If both spouses file affidavits indicating that they consent to the divorce, the dissolution can be granted in as few as ninety days, although some mutually agreed upon divorces may still take longer due to legal complications. If you require assistance with the filing process or are unsure as to whether you qualify to file in the first place, you can benefit from a consultation with the Law Office of Kristine A. Michael, PC.

Common Approaches to Divorce in Pennsylvania

Prior to filing for divorce, it helps to know how you and your spouse intend to approach the dissolution process. Many Pennsylvania couples appreciate the haste and relative simplicity of mediation, which is the most affordable type of divorce and typically the most amicable. However, there are situations in which mediation is less advisable — particularly if there is a clear imbalance of power between spouses. Often, when both parties have good attorneys it is possible to negotiate resolutions without formal mediation or litigation.

Sometimes, despite the best of efforts, litigation is unavoidable. When courtroom proceedings prove necessary, it’s important to work with an aggressive divorce attorney. A zealous attorney such as Ms. Michael can garner desirable resolutions regarding custody, alimony, child support, property division, and more.

Whether you believe that you and your loved ones benefit more from mediation or a courtroom divorce, you can count on the Law Office of Kristine A. Michael, PC for high-quality legal support. With Ms. Michael’s help, you can emerge from your divorce with your family and your confidence intact.

How To Get Divorced

The following outline summarizes Pennsylvania divorce procedure. It is intended to refresh your memory and help you keep track of what we will be doing. It is not intended to substitute for specific advice and any subject.

Divorce Myths and Frequently Asked Questions

There is a surprising amount of misinformation about divorce on the internet. Many commonly held beliefs are also wrong. Here are some of the most common myths:

Important Information About Your Rights

The granting of a divorce permanently terminates your right to seek spousal support, alimony and a court ordered division of marital property.

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